For Athletes who twant to get the BEST results. Our semi private INDIVIDUALIZED programs and progressions are set for every athlete.

Semi Private Individualized training are for athletes who are coming 1-5 times per week. The programs are individualized constructed for each athlete based on their developmental needs and age. All workouts are led by our trainers to make sure each athlete gets individualized attention to execute movements. Athletes 11 years old and up can start these programs. Combo with Elite Speed for the Next Level Elite Athlete package and get unprecedented results.

These Individual training programs are  roughly 75 minutes in length and will involve these components:

  1. Dynamic WM-UP
  2. Mobility/ Core stability
  3. Multi Joint Movements
  4. Total body strength
  5. Linear and lateral speed enhancement
  6. Base conditioning and post workout flexibility
  7. GPP
  8. Shoulder/ Hip/ Knee injury prevention

Sessions are scheduled through our Mindbody app. Session can be purchased in multiple packages and we offer 3-6-12 month packages that are unlimited!

Sessions are 70-80 minutes long.