Taylor J. Patt (TJ)

My name is Taylor J. Patt or T.J. for short. I grew up in Janesville, WI, where I graduated from Parker High School in 2011. During my time in high school I competed in multiple sports including basketball, football, track, and soccer.

After graduation, I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and served as a Crew Chief maintaining C-5 cargo aircraft for four years. Throughout my enlistment, I continued to play basketball for our squadron team. After several requests from teammates and other Airmen to help them with their jumping ability I discovered my passion for coaching. I learned how much I enjoyed helping others improve and live up to their athletic potential.

Upon completion of my enlistment, I returned home and used my GI Bill to attend UW-Whitewater @ Rock County. During my two years with Rock County, I played on the Men's Basketball team. My freshman year we finished #1 in our division but came up short in the playoffs. My sophomore year, I was nominated to compete in the UW Jr Colleges Dunk Contest, where I placed first after jumping over a teamate to catch an alley-oop dunk of the backboard.

After graduating I wanted to continue to help develop young athletes and watch them improve. As a new member of the Sports AdvantEdge family, it is my goal to assist others to live up to their potential and perform their best. It's truly rewarding to see someone discover what they are capable of. Additionally, I want our athletes to take their lessons from the gym about hard work and consistency and be able to apply those to help them be successful in other areas of life as well.

Coach Taylor J Patt Sports Advantedge Verona, WI
Coach TJ Patt