Training professional athletes with Sports AdvantEDGE is done using the same philosophies as our primary training philosophies. However it is done at the highest level. These athletes play and perform at the highest level so the need to be trained at the highest level.

We have two different types of athletes that fall into this category. 1)

  1. Athletes prepping for their Combine. Sports AdvantEDGE provides combine training for athletes of all sports and is purely based on all the testing protocols of the sport and helping the athlete reach their full potential at a time when it truly matters the most for their career.

    Combine prep involves:
    • Training for all physical tests
    • Position specific training
    • Nutritional consults and meal development and prep
    • Massage Therapy / Chiropractic Therapy based on needs
    • Rehab/ Prehab for existing or previous injuries

  2. Athletes currently in a professional sport. These athletes will be trained based on the needs of their sport, the time frame between end of the season and start of the season, the athlete's condition post season , and the overall needs to benefit the athlete.

Combine sessions/ Professional Individual or Group Sessions 90 minutes long.

Combine prep sessions are paid for in advance based on the weeks of training. Combine prep athletes will be trained 5-6 times per week. These sessions will include all training and restorative measures to ensure a healthy, rested and fresh athlete to perform at their best on their combine day.

90 minute sessions focus on mobility/ movement/ speed and agility/ strength and power development/ conditioning. These sessions can be done 3-5 times per week based on the needs of the athlete and time of the year.

Sometimes having 3-6 athletes of the same sport that are professionals add to the intensity and quality of the workout so Sports AdvantEDGE will have both individual and group sessions of for professional athletes.

Contact Sports AdvantEDGE for prices for Combine Prep and Professional Athlete Training.