My internship at Sports AdvantEdge Waunakee prepared me for the opportunities I’ve earned. Being given the chance to coach athletes early and often is invaluable to my development as a coach. Interning at our Waunakee location during its opening gave me the opportunity to learn how to establish a program from the ground up. From learning how to execute movements properly like the box squat, deadlift, front squat, sprint technique, were crucial in my development. I was given the opportunity from the start to learn how to teach athletes which allowed me to develop as a coach alongside them. By the end of my internship running small groups of athletes that consistently executed at a high level wasn’t the daunting task. I wouldn’t be the coach I am today without this internship experience.

Grant Payne – Director of Performance Waunakee


My internship experience with Sports AdvantEdge set a foundation for me to build my skills as a performance coach. I was able to observe & understand a variety of training methods for athletes of all ages and skill levels in a relentlessly competitive atmosphere. As I demonstrated understanding of different programs and techniques, I was afforded further opportunities to lead session that included all level of athletes. Since joining the staff, I believe the program has evolved, and continues to, into a better version that educates not only how, but why we train athletes the way we do, and challenging the intern pool to be forward thinking in their development..

TJ Patt – Director of Performance Oconomowoc

At first interning seemed like it would be a lot. It was. The opportunity to learn daily, how to execute proper technique in a box squat, ques to utilize for different athletes and issues, down to some of the most overlooked technique work such as hand placement during barbell work. I was challenged weekly by the staff in my understand of exercise technique, system implementation, strength & speed development, movement skills that would improve change of direction, coaching technique, as well as creating a 12 week athlete development program and defending my program decisions within the program. The knowledge I gained on the benefits of the conjugate training is unmatched compared to my previous experience in previous programs.

Dakota Walters – Assistant at Sports AdvantEdge Verona

Interested individuals should contact Robert Murdock - Director of Development about internship opportunities.