Brian Bott has been a part of my life for several years now, and has helped me in so many ways to achieve my goals.

As my strength coach at the University of Wisconsin, he helped me to learn proper lifting and running techniques to help me maximize my strength and speed. He also has a knack for modifying workout to tailor them to an individual or groups needs. His workouts helped our offensive line become the best we could be, and his leadership and wisdom helped keep us moving in the right direction.

I can certainly say that without having the help of Coach Bott, I would not be in the same situation as I currently am.

In addition, after spending a year training in the NFL with my teams strength coaches, it was in the time that I spent back in Madison with Coach Bott that helped me to become one of the most improved players on our team in strength and conditioning testing the following year.

I would recommend Coach Bott to anyone trying to achieve their goals, whether that be athletically or in fitness. His drive, passion, and enthusiasm make training fun and worthwhile.

-Travis Frederick
1st Round Pick 2013
Dallas Cowboys


Brian Bott helped me develop into the player I am today. At the University of Wisconsin, Brian trained me aerobically, anaerobically, and increased my flexibility. My 2011-12 senior football season at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Rose Bowl experience was effective due to the way Brian increased my athletic ability, speed, power, and my knowledge of lifting and maintaining a strong physical stature.

Brian introduced me to new exercises that I never utilized in the past which I truly believe helped me excel on the football field. After playing a football game, a Quarterbacks body and mind is physically worn out, yet Brian's techniques allowed me to recover quicker than the opponent and feel brand new!

I would recommend Brian Bott to any person, male or female, Elite Pro Athlete or non-athlete. On Wisconsin.

-Russell Wilson
3rd Round Pick 2012
Seattle Seahawks

I made my most impressive strength and speed gains during my five-year collegiate career at the University of Wisconsin. Without the knowledge and passion of my strength trainer, Brian Bott, I would never have had the success or the accolades I received while playing for the Badgers. Brian knows when to push his athletes, and when to rest them, so that each athlete's potential is maximized. His passion and genuine enthusiasm for his work was visible everyday I trained with him. His energy is contagious and gave me the extra boost to reach my potential.

- Gabe Carimi
1st Round Pick 2011
Chicago Bears
2010 Outland trophy winner

I was lucky enough to cross paths with Brian while I was the assistant women's soccer coach at the University of Wisconsin. During that time we began exchanging training philosophies and ideas on how to properly train athletes. Brian's knowledge base is extensive and he had a way of describing things which always showed his true passion for what he does.

As I began my transition from coaching to playing again, I worked with Brian 2-3 times a week on my mobility exercises that were derived from my FMS screening. This remedial work complimented my training and I can honestly say it's enhanced my workouts and made me a more functional athlete. Can't thank him enough.

- Carmelina Moscato
2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist
Center Back - Canadian Women's National Team
Chicago Red Stars 

There is no better coach than Coach Bott when it comes to training. He brings great energy and knowledge to every session which motivated me to go farther than I ever thought I could. I would not have enjoyed the successes I have without him. 

-Kevin Zeitler
1st Round Pick 2012
Cincinnati Bengals
1st Team All American

I have had a relationship with Brian Bott since 2008, when I joined the University of Wisconsin's football team. He has been my lifting and conditioning coach, supplement advisor, motivator, and good friend during my entire at Wisconsin.

I have seen some of my best personal and athletic gains when being individually instructed by Brian. Two of the four seasons I had at Wisconsin I experienced significant injuries that sidelined me during spring football. Over that time period I obtained personal records in the power clean, bench, and squat.

Not only had I increased my strength but Bott was able help me strengthen and heal my injuries while maintaining a challenging workout routine. I have never had a problem with either injury to this day. Without a doubt Brian's expertise in sports strength training, conditioning, injury prevention, nutrition, and his respect for me as a person and an athlete has allowed me to follow my dream into the NFL.

His unique ability to strengthen injured or weak muscles without comprising the safety or the intensity of the workout makes him the best strength and conditioning coach I've ever had.

- Pete Konz
1st Team All-American
Atlanta Falcons
2nd Round Pick


Coach Bott has had an enormous effect on my growth as an athlete, football player and a leader. He has an innate ability to transition training in the weight room and workouts to success on the field.

Brian understands that being an athlete is more than being a workout warrior. His ability to motivate, understand, and connect with his athletes has made him one of the best trainers I have ever worked with.

 Coach's personality and enthusiasm comes through in his training everyday and is why I wouldn't just call him a great trainer but a great friend. I was excited to workout with B-bott (as we called him) every time i walked into the weight room. I knew what i was doing made sense and transitioned to the field, no wasted time or effort.

Without Brian Bott I would not have reached the level of play I had in college and now carry over to the NFL. I would recommend Brian Bott to anyone that not only wants to become a better athlete but also a better teammate, football player and leader.

- John Moffitt
2010 1st Team All-American
Seattle Seahawks
3rd Round Draft Choice

I trained with Brian Bott for my 5 years at Wisconsin and my time leading up to my rookie season. I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today without coach Bott. The intensity that he brings to the weight room makes me look forward to coming in and getting work done. His knowledge for strength and conditioning is second to none. Whenever I have a question about something related to strength and conditioning I know I can always go to him. I think his resume from working with the badger offensive line/TE/fullbacks speaks for itself. I am thankful to have Bott as a friend as well as my coach for the previous 5 years.

- Bill Nagy
2010 All- Big Ten
Dallas Cowboys
7th Round Draft Pick

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