Rosa and I wanted to drop you a note. Over the last eight years, it has been awesome to watch Charlie develop from a youth baseball player to a young adult, going to play in college this fall. Sports Advantedge has been paramount with his development during this process. Enough can't be said about the support and encouragement they have given our son over these past years. With previous athletic set backs, they were the first to call and sit down with Charlie to figure out what can be done to accomplish his goals, and sure enough he did. The work ethic he has developed has been awesome, to the point where he loves getting up for the early AM workouts and going "beast mode". Coach Bott has always made it clear the athletes and his staff are the number one priority and this couldn't have been more evident than in this last year with the pandemic. He continually had to make tough calls, always choosing what was the best and the safest for the kids at Sports AdvantEdge as well as the community. The consistent virtual workouts kept athletes focused and motivated during extremely difficult times. We feel so fortunate that our youngest son will now get to benefit from all you and your staff at Sports AdvantEdge have to offer. Thank you so much.

Steve & Rosa


My family has trained with Brian Bott and the dedicated and highly qualified trainers at Sports AdvantEdge for eight years. I have three boys who are athletes and they have benefited tremendously from participating in speed and agility, Elite Strength, and sports-specific training. The programs offered at Sports AdvantEdge have aided in injury prevention, and have helped my boys gain strength, speed, flexibility, and confidence. The trainers take the time to get to know each athlete, and they design workouts that meet each individual's unique needs. The class sizes are small so the trainers can pay close attention to the athletes to make sure they are working out safely, and provide feedback and encouragement to motivate them to work as hard as they can. Coach Bott and his team of trainers have created a culture of teamwork and collaboration that raises the bar for strength and conditioning programs in the area. As a parent of three high school athletes, I trust Coach Bott and his trainers to inspire my kids while keeping them safe, and I highly recommend Sports AdvantEdge for injury prevention, strength and conditioning, and sports-specific training.


Our two boys have trained at Sports Advantage in Verona for the past 7 years. Their improvements have been incredible not only in athletic abilities, but self - confidence and the ability to work harder than they think they are capable of. Michelle and I would fully recommend Brian and his team to train your children.