Pro Day/Combine 

Training professional athletes with Sports AdvantEdge is done using the same philosophies as our primary training philosophies. However, it is done at the highest level. These athletes play and perform at the highest level so the need to be trained at the highest level.

Athletes prepping for their Combine. Sports AdvantEdge provides combine training for athletes of all sports and is purely based on all the testing protocols of the sport and helping the athlete reach their full potential at a time when it truly matters the most for their career. 

Sports AdvantEdge staff have over 25 years of experience developing athletes for professional sports! 

Combine prep involves:

  • Training for all physical tests 
  • Max Strength/ Speed and Power Development
  • Individualized performance packages
  • Position specific training 
  • Superfood Supplement program and Meal program with local Restaurants
  • Massage Therapy / Chiropractic Therapy based on needs 
  • Rehab/ Prehab for existing or previous injuries 

Combine prep sessions are paid for based on the weeks of training. Combine prep athletes will be trained 5-6 times per week. These sessions will include all training and restorative measures to ensure a healthy, rested and fresh athlete to perform at their best on their combine day.

Sports AdvantEdge then takes the athletes after the combine and begins camp prep! This is THE MISSING piece for most aspiring professional athletes. Once the numbers have been generated it comes down to being the best shape of their lives. In 2019 athletes experienced a 4.7% drop in body fat during this time frame-which is typically 2-3 months.