Professional Private Sessions - Sports and Position Specific

For athletes who are currently in a professional sport. These athletes will be trained based on the needs of their sport, the time frame between end of the season and start of the season, the athlete's condition post season , and the overall needs to benefit the athlete.

The progression is as follows:

  1. Regeneration
  2. Base Strength and conditioning- Emphasis on GPP
  3. Increase Load and Max effort running as well as lifting
  4. Complete Dynamic and Max effort approach- Emphasis on opposing musculature
  5. High demand posterior chain development 
  6. Position specific demands

Also included 

  • Individualized performance packages off site
  • Position specific training 
  • Superfood Supplement program and meal programs with local restaurants
  • Out Sourced Massage Therapy / Chiropractic Therapy based on needs 
  • Rehab/ Prehab for existing or previous injuries 

These sessions can be in a one on one setting or in a small group setting. Sometimes having 3-6 athletes of the same sport that are professionals add to the intensity and quality of the workout so Sports AdvantEdge will have both individual and group sessions of for professional athletes.