Sports AdvantEdge Internship Program

The goal of our Sports AdvantEdge Internship Program is to provide an immersive opportunity to applicants. This includes real reps on the floor coaching athletes through all portions of training including: preparatory work, athletic movement skill development, enhancing power development, developing strength and speed qualities. Alongside the immediate hands on training with athletes, there will be weekly meeting time set aside to answer questions you may have about current training, how to develop athletic qualities of athletes, and understand the intricacies and nuances of the training we utilize at Sports AdvantEdge. 

 Upon completion of their internship, individuals will have an understanding of conjugate training and programming, proper execution technique for a variety of exercises, programming for strength, speed, and power development, understanding accommodating resistance and specialty bars and equipment, and how to develop athletes. Other topic covered will include developing well rounded conditioning programs, utilizing social media, and building a resume for success.

Internships are available year round at all Sports AdvantEdge locations. All interested parties should reach out to Robert Murdock and/or the Director at each location.

Intern Testimonials