Sports Advantedge Boot Camps


Boot Camp - 45 minutes Classes

Sports Advantedge boot camps offer an incredible amount of diversity for all ages and fitness levels.  These high intensity workouts will challenge your physical and mental toughness in a safe, fun and challenging way. No matter what your fitness goals are, our bootcamps can help you achieve them and more.

  • Workouts will challenge ANY high level individual and can be modified for those just getting started.
  • Safe and newly expanded setting.
  • Develop great friendships which will help motivate you to meet your goals!   
  • Incredible variety from day to day.
  • Unlimited equipment - Kettle bells- free weights- med balls and so much more!!!
  • Ask about setting up challenge groups within a boot camp setting
  • All aspects of fitness addressed- Strength - Power- Cardio- Flexibility-
  • Come try a free class to get an understanding of what our boot camps are like
  • After class check out our newly added AdvoCare products for maximum recovery

 We offer yearly contracts/ month to month  options / punch card or drop in options for unlimited classes

Come train hard, have fun and meet a great group of people for support today!!!

Verona Times

M-Th 5:30 am / 6:30 am / 9:00 am / 5:00 pm

F 5:30 am / 6:30 am / 9:00 am

Sat 8:00 am

Oconomowoc Times

M, W, F 11:30 am

Sun 9:30 am

Menomonee Falls Times

M-F 6:00 am

Times subject to change based on the season of the year!!!