Elite Athlete

For Athletes who train 3-4 times per week

Our Elite programs are for our most dedicated athletes. Training is at the level equal to or higher than a D1 strength program. These programs develop all athletes using many different variables. We apply the Conjugate System for both our speed and power as well as strength work! This program has a high intensity rate and from a physical preparation standpoint the results are off the charts!

This system has aided many kids who aspire to play in college or professional! We recommend kids at this level to train year-round, so we offer morning times, evening times as well as weekend times! There is NO system like elite! 

These sessions last 80-90 minutes and involve these components:

  1. Dynamic WM-UP 
  2. Mobility/ Core stability 
  3. Max Effort and Dynamic effort training progressions
  4. General total body strength 
  5. Emphasis in posterior chain and upper back and shoulder training
  6. High intensity plyometrics and throwing for max power production
  7. Linear and lateral speed enhancement 
  8. Base conditioning and post workout flexibility 
  9. GPP
  10. Shoulder/ Hip/ Knee injury prevention

Elite Athlete- No solo Elite Speed sessions- 4 days per week